The AI Revolution in Dentistry:

Unlocking Opportunities for Success and Growth

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A recent survey of dental professionals found that nearly half of respondents rated their knowledge of AI as poor and 37% rated it as average. There is a great opportunity ahead for the dental industry.  

Practitioners adopting AI imaging tools are reporting a 15% to 20% boost in case acceptance rate. These numbers hint at a greater ability to communicate treatment needs to patients in a way they can better understand,” Dr. Seth Gibree, Senior Director of Clinical Advocacy of Heartland Dental. “AI can assess enormous volumes of patient data, free of human error, fatigue, and bias.” 

Co-authored by Heartland Dental’s Senior Director of Clinical Advocacy and Planet DDS imaging experts, this guide is for dental providers and DSOs who want to leap ahead with a better understanding of AI imaging. 

In this in-depth eBook, learn 5 practical benefits with best practices for AI imaging 

  1. Enhanced diagnostic accuracy 
  2. Whole-picture insight 
  3. Consistency across clinicians and treatment plans 
  4. Increased case acceptance 
  5. Improved efficiency  


Seth A. Gibree
DMD, FAGD, Senior Director of Clinical Advocacy, Heartland Dental
Christopher J. Hedinger
Strategic Accounts Director - Imaging, Planet DDS
Sayeed Yaqubi
Product Manager, Planet DDS
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