Dental service organizations and groups have unique software in order to effectively manage their organizations. Hear from an IT expert consultant on why they recommend moving to a cloud-based practice management solution. 

In this FREE guide, find out the IT consultant’s perspective on why DSOs and groups should consider moving to a cloud-based practice management solution and how cloud solution stack up against server-based solutions:  

  • Hardware and software 
  • Scalability and accessibility 
  • Security and compliance 
  • Uptime and downtime 
  • Disaster recovery

“On-premise solutions can be 15-20% higher overall cost when compared to cloud solutions for a DSO due to the greater complexity of the network environment with more hardware and software required …When practices think they’re saving so much money with a server-based system, they’re forgetting that there are pieces that need to be added to make a complete platform.”  

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